Swimming is at the very center of a Breezemont summer. Breezemont campers receive daily swim instruction taught by one of our Red Cross Lifeguard Certified pool staff members and trained group counselors. All instructors teach from the water so campers get constant interaction and support in the pool. Breezemont has 6 total swimming pools, with 4 brand new heated pools. These pools all have been built to accommodate swimmers of every age and skill level. Ranging in depths, campers enjoy both instructional and recreational swimming every day.

Daily Recreational & Instructional Swims

Learning to swim is an important life skill. At Breezemont, water safety and swim instruction are fundamental parts of the camp experience. Our American Red Cross Lifeguard Certified pool staff have extensive experience in water safety and swim instruction techniques. With approximately six campers per swim instructor (and fewer at the youngest age levels) each child receives an unsurpassed level of individual attention. This highly personalized instruction allows campers to gain confidence and skills each day.

Younger campers focus on water comfort, floating, breathing and developing basic swim strokes. More advanced swimmers work on perfecting their strokes and building strength and endurance. Campers move at their own rate, with encouragement and positive reinforcement, never in a pressured environment. The Breezemont swim program assures that campers feel secure and supported at the pool.