Dates: 7/20 – 8/21 (Five Weeks ONLY, no shorter sessions available)
Tuition: $5600
No bus transportation available​

Many of you have asked what activities will be available and what a sample day may look like, here is a sample:

There will be a cleaning period between each activity in which staff will sanitize all equipment and activity areas to ensure safety. Campers will be able to share equipment within their own group/pod. This equipment will also be frequently sanitized.

  1. We are excited to continue some of our planned themed days this summer. Although we may not be able to have the circus come to camp, we will definitely be able to have some dress-up days and themed days! More information on this to come.
  2. If camp is closed, because of an outbreak or governmental regulation beyond our control, prior to camp opening, you would have a choice of a refund for any monies paid or a rollover credit to Summer 2021.
  3. If camp is closed, or a person, group, or groups are quarantined, because of an outbreak or governmental regulation beyond our control, while camp is in operation, all monies paid would be rolled over as a credit towards Summer 2021.
  4. The policy of campers being asked to stay home for two weeks, if exposed, is a policy of NYS and Westchester Health Departments that we must follow.
  5. Additionally, following NYS and Westchester County Health Departments (and the protocols of contact tracing), if your child is quarantined from camp, this automatically also quarantines any siblings or others sharing a residence.
  6. If you decide to cancel your enrollment, you may do so for a full refund before 7/10/20.
  7. If you and your child decide to cancel enrollment during the summer, you may do so at any time, however, all monies of unattended dates paid would be prorated and credited towards Summer 2021.
  8. We will do our best to notify you in advance (by 7am) if we believe it will be a “Rain Day.” Our summer program will allow for two “Rain Days.” On the third (and for all subsequent ‘Rain Days’) a $100 refund for that ‘Rain Day’ will be issued at the completion of the summer and a $100 credit for that “Rain Day” will be issued towards 2021.
  9. The possibility of it raining midday is real. In the event of midday rain, each group would return to their cubby for games. Rest assured, each group will have their own designed place to escape the rain. They’ll be able to stay dry and continue the camp fun!
  10. Due to the governmental regulations issued by NYS and Westchester Departments of Health, we must stand by the policies outlined in the survey sent the other day. These include but are not limited to: no lesser session lengths than 5 weeks (M-F), no additional enrollments (siblings and new families) at this time, no bus transportation, only one friend grouping guarantee, no First Five (our program designed for campers still in diapers), no instructional swim, no morning-care, no after-care, no carpooling, etc. We apologize for these inconveniences, but see them as the only path to opening Breezemont under the outlined regulations from the government. We promise to provide other ways to make camp a memorable summer for the campers.
  11. Although we cannot allow carpooling, we are allowed to have pre-arranged, consistent au pairs or live-in nannies as the designated person picking up your child.
  12. More details regarding our operations, including cleaning, hand washing, morning drop off, temperature checks, afternoon pick up, etc, will be released in our forthcoming “Breezemont Lite – COVID-19 Operations Manual.”
  13. Prior to campers arriving at camp each morning, all families will need to complete a digital, at-home health screening. This at-home health screening will have a few basic questions to help speed up the process of arrival at camp itself. When campers arrive at camp, a few follow up questions will be asked, submission of the morning form will be confirmed and the camper’s temperature will be taken via a forehead scanning thermometer. Following this, the camper will be taken to their group and fun begins!
  14. We may ask that you have your child tested for COVID-19 prior to the day of camp.
  15. Each group will have a maximum of 10 children. It is anticipated that each group will have between two or three counselors working closely with those campers. Those staff will still be permitted to be near the campers for tasks including sunscreen, etc. Those staff will be required to wear masks for the entire day with the only exception being when they are in the pools.
  16. With regards to lunch, families will place a weekly lunch order for their children by Sunday night via the Parent Dashboard (form to be released). There will be a rotating hot dish, pasta, and other alternatives. Our policy of no outside food allowed on campus will continue. We will provide campers with two pre-packaged snacks (AM and PM) as we have in the past.
  17. In order for all of this to happen, for us to have adequate staffing, small groups, and individualized spaces for each group, our total capacity of camp MUST be lowered by at least ½. As such, we’d ask for your commitment to joining ‘Breezemont Lite’ as soon as possible (official enrollment to happen early next week). Please note, if you change your mind, you have until 7/10/20 to withdraw your child(ren).
  18. We are planning to continue our towel service.
  19. While staff will be required to wear masks the entire day, campers are not required.
  20. For our younger, emerging swimmers, please note that their group counselors will be in the water with them during recreational swim to help keep them safe. We also know how much kids love sprinklers and those will certainly be utilized this summer!
  21. Our water stations will still be available on campus – they will be sanitary areas only to be used by staff. Staff will clean the area before and after use, wear gloves, and distribute water to the campers as needed.

**While the NYS and Westchester guidelines do use language such as “encourage” and “when possible” – we believe that what has been outlined above not only follows the guidelines but also goes above and beyond to fulfill our number one commitment to you, your child(ren) and our staff: making sure everyone has a fun and safe summer.