Adding an International Flair to the Camp Experience at Breezemont

  • Posted by on July 6, 2018

    Adding an International Flair to the Camp Experience at Breezemont

    By Stacey Pfeffer

    With camp a week underway, our campers are in for the summer of their lives.  Most campers hail from Westchester or Fairfield counties and Breezemont is proud to also serve 15 international campers from Italy, Germany, Turkey and China.  

    Why International Families Love Breezemont

    So what makes these campers and families choose Breezemont when they can easily spend the summer in the French countryside or on the beaches of Cape Town? It comes down to many of the same reasons that US-based parents choose Breezemont. They want a state of the art facility with beautiful surroundings, amazing activities plus a highly-trained and nurturing staff.

    But there is one additional reason they choose Breezemont. Our day camp offers English as a Second Language (ESL) to these campers so one period a day they receive English lessons. For the rest of the day, these campers are surrounded by English so that they have a truly immersive experience that fosters language acquisition with an added dose of cultural awareness. On the flipside, if your camper is lucky enough to be in a group with any of these international campers, chances are they may learn a thing or two about life in another country or even new vocabulary words.

    Overseas Vocabulary 101

    Ever hear of a swimming costume? That’s a common word used in South Africa for bathing suit. How about biscuits for cookies or chips for fries as they are commonly called in the UK? And with World Cup madness in full swing, most Americans know by now that soccer is called football in other countries.

    Not only does Breezemont have international campers but they also have a significant number of highly-trained staff from overseas. Camp owner and director Gordon Josey, a native of Scotland himself notes that campers love the different accents and clothing these counselors and activity specialists have. These staff members truly are a selective group as the exchange program that works with Breezemont has a highly rigorous selection process. These staff members love working with young children and bring passion and enthusiasm to camp everyday.

    So when I think back to my ex-pat days living in the U.K., I truly believe that campers and staff whether from the US or overseas are in for a treat as they help each other gain cultural awareness all in a fun and relaxed environment. And what can beat that?

    Stacey Pfeffer is a writer, editor and blogger. Her work has appeared in Westchester Parent, Westchester Family Magazine, NY Family Magazine, Inside Press publications, and