Choosing the Perfect Camp Setting for Your Child: And Why It Matters

  • Posted by on April 16, 2018

    By Stacey Pfeffer

    It’s been 30 years since I was a camper and I can still remember exactly what my camp looked like. Perhaps it was because my camp was situated in beautiful upstate NY and looked completely different than the urban surroundings that I was used to. The one centerpiece that stands out visually in my mind to this day is the lake and its verdant scenery with tall pine trees forming a lovely backdrop along the lake’s perimeter.

    The first time I went down to the lake, I was scared but in awe of its beauty. I had never been on a lake before and I was going to try my hand at paddle boarding. I struggled at first but with support and encouragement from my counselors, I was ultimately able to succeed at this new skill.

    A Day Camp With Sleep-Away Camp Amenities 

    Camp is a place where your child gets to try new experiences even though some may seem scary at first. In fact, according to the American Camp Association’s (ACA) Youth Outcomes Study, 74% of campers said they tried things at camp that they were afraid to do at first. At Breezemont, campers experience things that they were reluctant to do at first. Whether it be row-boating on our lake or taking the first steps in our aerial playground, our 18-acre campus offers top-notch facilities that replicate the sleep-away experience but in a day camp atmosphere.

    By having these unique facilities on-site, campers get to experience activities that take them out of their comfort zone. And the research indicates that by doing so, children gain self-confidence. In fact, in the same ACA study, 70% of parents commented that their child gained self-confidence at camp.

    Robust Offerings 

    In addition to all of the traditional activities, Breezemont has robust activity offerings such as a zip line, a challenge course, kayaking, fishing, canoeing and so much more. Parents often comment that Breezemont is the perfect stepping stone for children considering sleep away camp down the road.

    “Our towering pine trees, cedar wood sided bunks that resemble old school cabins and lake have the feeling that we’re two hours north of Albany instead of a mile down the road from a bagel shop! Children also experience what it’s like to attend a sleep away camp because we make our program for the older kids much more geared towards choices and electives, just like they do at sleep away camps. The groups are also similar size to a sleep away camp group and each group gets their own bunk!” exclaims Gordon Josey, Breezemont’s owner and director.

    Making Lifelong Friendships 

    Day Camp provides the tools kids need to thrive later in life. Kids learn how to socialize with their peers and make new friendships that can last a lifetime. It’s no wonder that the ACA study showed that 96% of campers say that camp helped them make new friends and that 69% of campers remain in contact with friends they made at camp. After all, who better to reminisce about warm summer days spent on the lake or playing lacrosse with than your camp buddies?


    Stacey Pfeffer is a writer, editor and blogger. Her work has appeared in Westchester Parent, Westchester Family Magazine, NY Family Magazine, Inside Press publications, and