Who’s Coming to Camp? Derrick Dunlap!

  • Posted by on June 22, 2016

    We can’t wait to welcome our Super Select Basketball Coach, Derrick Dunlap!

    derrick dunlap

    Coach Derrick Dunlap has over 14 years of coaching experience, has a proven winning record at the AAU, High School, and Collegiate levels. He is a current assistant coach at LIU Post University. Additionally, Coach Dunlap has worked as an elementary teacher and school administrator at the high school level.

    The Derrick Dunlap Basketball Camp is a structured basketball environment where kids are learning fundamentals and having fun playing the game of basketball. Our focus is on the individualized athlete, teaching skills, drills and creating a competitive atmosphere. Using whole groups and individualized instruction stations, coaches demonstrate proper techniques for shooting, passing, rebounding and defense. Three components using application and practice of the camp and clinics include:

    Students will receive skill development work through stations. Students move from station to station focusing on specific drills that are progressive through-out the week.

    All campers go through physical training through out the day using plyometric exercises. During the conditioning station, students will be seen jumping rope, doing push-ups, sit ups, and using a medicine ball and other strength and conditioning activities to promote exercise and movement.

    Games will be played twice a day, and our goal is for students to translate and integrate application from station drills into practice (actual games).